Code of conduct

To be noted

Well, to run anything systematically we need code of conduct and thats what we are taking here about.

As you are well known till now that this site is most convincingly dedicated to archive the documentation of projects. So to maintain the intellectual theft or damage to those documentation and codes, we beg you to please follow below listed code of conducts;

  • Documentation and codes are for the purpose of reference only.

  • You are not allowed to simply copy and paste.

  • If you want to reuse the codes, you must have to consult to the respective owner.

  • In case if you are found copying and reusing the codes without prior knowledge of the owner, you may have to face legal action.

  • The author, developer, owner of the project, documentation has every right to take action against their intellectual harm.

  • We encourage you to start a project and can take our listed project as reference. Also we discourage the copy and paste behavior.


Our library archives the documentation of the projects and even source codes if the manager of the project agrees. Let us inform you that we only archive Computer Science and Information Technology related projects.

This is a free and open source platform but to manage things we ask you to please inform the respective developer, author of the projects’ documentation before you use their intellectual property. Lets respect to their intelligence.

To those who want to donate us their project codes and documentation, please mail us we will get back to you as soon as possible.