CSIT Entrance APP -Enthusiastic students effort to help new comers

A enthusiastic group of student studying B.Sc. CSIT  have developed an app for the preparation of B.Sc. CSIT entrance exam. CSIT Entrance App is a first ever CSIT entrance preparing app developed by the members of CSITAN studying in Amrit Campus with amazingly useful features to help out entrance preparing students. The Enthusiastic group of student are currently the student od B.Sc.CSIT second semester at ASCOL campus, “Its just our help to help new comers, we are on diverse field of world the filed is IT” they said. They are working to enhance the features in the app so that it will be easy for every new comers and interested ones to use their app and prepare for the csit entrance. Before entrance app a group of student are also publishing a entrance preparation book.  Tribhuvan University has already opened the entrance application form for the B.Sc.CSIT.



The app is going to be very helpful for the student appearing the CSIT ENTRANCE, app includes the entrance questions of previous years and also model sets of questions in it.

The app has following features:

1. Interactive quiz :

Here, one can study while playing. This will be very fruitful to one who loves game rather than study.

2. Scoreboard :

You can check if your friend has win you. i.e it allows to check if your score is better than of your friends.

3.News :

This section will provide you every official and unofficial entrance related news with notification.

4. Forum :

Forum section allows students to discuss their problems regarding the entrance.

5.College Information :

One can get information about CSIT Colleges with their contact numbers in this section.

Have you downloaded the have, if not Download now and start your practice be a step ahead



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