CSIT Entrance Preparation book – third Edition on Market

Ascol Creative group , A team of a creative and energetic students of BSCCSIT from ascol campus has published the third edition of csit entrance preparation book in the Market. 

According to the book publishing team lead Gopal Nepal ” In this Edition of book the module have been changed , unlike previous editions in this edition the special focus is to concetrate the students over the entrance exam , so they have included the tips and tricks for entrance along with the  Necessary Formulas, English Grammar Rules and Structures, Chemistry Reactions, Old questions of Entrance, Model Questions,Answers of every questions. “


TO publish this book the team has gathered support from the different colleges, and institutions, and also from the ministry of information and communication and also from Office of Prime Minister Nepal. 

Student  can prepare well yourself by reading this book as it includes old questions of entrance examination of year 2069, 2070, 2071, 2072. Along with old questions you can get 10 sets of model questions. It features many mathematical formulas, grammar-english, physics important keys and formulas with chemistry important reactions.

With the initiation and great role of Gopal Nepal for the preparation of this book. Along with that many teachers of ASCOL, creative group of ASCOL and CSIT toppers Swopnil Dangol and Rahul Sharma helped a lot for the preparation of this book.

Before this with initiation of bsccsit.com, this team and bsccsit.com are running entrance preparation class at bagbazar.This Book is available on different book store around Kathmandu or at the  bagbazar(entrance preparation venue). 

Features on this edition of Book :

1. Necessary Formulas
2. English Grammar Rules and Structures
3. Chemistry Reactions
4. Old questions of Entrance
5. Model Questions
6 Answers of every questions

Price: Rs 350

Further information about this book, csit course, and CSIT entrance preparation (Rajan Kandel-9801127260) (Gopal Nepal – 9849665172)

Team CSITINFO would like to congratulate Ascol creative group  team and wish for success of this edition of book.




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