Why to join B.Sc. CSIT ?

What is B.Sc. CSIT ?

1. Computer Science and IT

It’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology. It is Computer Science and IT i.e it deals with both computer science and information technology.

Are you confused about computer science and information technology ?
Lets have some ideas on these.

Computer Science is the study of computers and their uses for computation, processing of data along with controlling of system.
It is mainly related with design and development of hardware, software and operating systems.
It uses the mathematical algorithm, computer theory for writing codes to generate latest in technology.

On the other hand, Information Technology includes development, maintenance and use of computer systems for processing as well as distribution of data. IT professionals uses programs created by computer scientists. It focuses on the practical implementation of technology.

Still confused ? Now don’t be. Computer science focuses in theory of computational applications. They search the answer for “why” behind the computer programs. But IT uses software and operating systems to create larger system to solve any job.

And this course CSIT is mix of both computer science and IT.

2. Credit Hours

B.Sc. CSIT covers minimum of 126 credit hours. You can get more credits by giving more exams from a lot of elective courses. Here, 75 credit hours is for core computer science, 15 credit hours for electives, 12 for natural science, 6 for management, 6,3 and 9 for Mathematics, Technical Writing and Project and Internship respectively.

3. Theory and Practical
You have to study different courses. Computer Science and IT related courses are taught with practical courses and minor project works till 6th semester. Don’t be confused, it is taught up to eight. But in final year, you have to be more specific. That means in 7th semester, you have to do a major project which carries 100 marks and an internship must be done in the last semester which carries 200 marks.

4. Affiliation

B.Sc. CSIT is the course offered by the Tribhuwan University, the oldest and largest university of Nepal. This four years eight semester course is internationaly acceptable.

5. How to join B.Sc. CSIT ?

Students willing to join this course must sit and pass on the entrance exam conducted by Institute of Sccience and Technology(IOST), not IOE. Eligible student can then join any affiliated colleges/campuses by submitting application in that colleges/campuses.

Application for entrance exam is opened normally at the time when exam results of 10+2 is out. i.e around Bhadra every year.

Entrance examination questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English subjects of 10+2 level or equivalent carrying 100 marks. Each subject carries 25 marks.

Objectives Types questions are asked and time duration is 2 hours. Pass mark is 35.




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