Top 10 Things to Consider Before choosing Right College

Congratulations all those who have successfully passed the TU entrance exam to join the one of the most demanding course in bachelor degree in Nepal. Now, most of you are seeking to get admission to the college of your choice but there are some factors that you must consider.

For the constituent campuses they have their own rules since they need to follow the standard made by TU and Nepal Government.They first publish the list of student who can get admission on respective college on the basis of merits, so we don’t have to worry about that but still before joining you must check out these things listed below.

Still in confusion what is CSIT Read this “B.Sc CSIT A Introduction

But in Case of private colleges thing is more different, College may hide the truth from you and you may need to regret later because of decision you made without proper thinking, before you join you need to think deeper and deeper and decide only after thinking deeply. There is saying “ Check your wallet before you buy anything”, like this you must see your and family economic status, location of college from your residence, Environment of college, and more things.

Here we have tried listing out some points that you must consider before joining B.Sc. CSIT for your Undergraduate Degree .

    1. Will I get any extra courses/training from college beside syllabus ?
    2. Can I choose the elective subject on my own of my interest    ?
    3. Is there is good internet connection, well equipped lab and Library, and power backup(generator), Transportation ?
    4. How many full time faculty members do you have ?
    5. Do the college have own IT company, or Is the college tied up with any IT/software company and universities of Nepal or outside ?
    6. How many batches have been passed out from this college and what are they doing now.
    7. How often the college is organising and participating in the ECA along with encouraging students to participate and organize .
    8. What is the provision for providing textbooks and other study materials to students ?
    9. Will the college support for ensure internship ? And what is the job placement rate?
    10. Will college provide college space and internet facilities if you need to work for your assignments, projects beside the college time?

Beside that you must try to find the answers of these questions : 

    1. View of students to their college who are studying in that college currently and passed out students.?
    2. Is the college located at suitable place for you with transportation facility?
    3. Is the college you are going to join is cost effective? Is there any hidden fee that will be charged to you despite of agreement?
    4. What is the college time? Will it be suitable to you ? If you want to have part time job, will the college time suits you?
    5. Is the college administration supportive, cooperative and helpful ? You can know this from senior students.( Ask Seniors)
    6. Don’t guess and consider what activities are going to impress you in the college. Find out which college is suitable for you that matches with your hobby and interest and support your activities.
    7. Also note will the college help in college transfer if you want to change college later, if you made mistake this time to choose college?

Declaration :

You may not get answer for all the question listed above but, try to meet the seniors ( most the csit colleges have seniors by now) so that you may get better and more information about that college. But here main thing that you need to think and keep in mind is that whatever the college offers, whatever the college provides you are the one who need to read, who need to work hard so don’t depend on the college be yourself, work hard for your better future, good luck.


Think think and think , take your time and decide so that you don’t need to regret. And share it with your friends too. Sharing is caring.


Good Luck From Team CSITINFO.  😀 



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